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US Patent: 10454381

Variable DC Link Converter and Transformer for Wide Output Voltage Range Applications
Bin Li, Zhengyang Liu, Fred C. Lee, Qiang Li
Issued: October 22, 2019

A variable direct current (DC) link power converter is described. In one example, the power converter includes a first converter stage configured to convert power from a power source to power at an intermediate link voltage and a second converter stage configured to convert the power at the intermediate link voltage to power for charging a battery. The power converter further includes a control system having an intermediate link voltage regulation control loop configured, in a first mode of operation, to regulate the intermediate link voltage through the first converter stage based on a voltage of the battery, and a ripple regulation control loop configured to sense a charging current for the battery and regulate a gain of the second converter stage based on the charging current to reduce ripple in the chargĀ­ing current. A new configuration of transformer suitable for use with the power converter is also described.

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