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US Patent: 10658928

Switched Capacitor Converters with Multi Resonant Frequencies
Owen Jong, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
Issued: May 29, 2020

Various examples are provided related to switched-capacitor converters (SCCs) with multi resonant frequencies. In one example, a multi resonant SCC (MRSCC) includes a series of switches coupled between an input voltage and an output connection; a pair of diodes coupled across the output connection; and a resonant circuit coupled at a first end between first and second switches of the series of switches and at a second end between the pair of diodes. The resonant circuit can comprise a resonant tank including a first capacitor and a resonant inductor, and a resonant component in parallel with at least a portion of the resonant tank. The resonant component can be connected across the resonant tank or across the resonant inductor. The MRSCC topology can also be used with higher voltage conversion ratio converters.

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