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Metal-Post-Interconnect-Parallel-Plate-Structure (MPIPPS) (1999)

Year: 1999
An innovative three-dimensional packaging technology was developed in 1999 and successfully demonstrated in a 7 kW full-bridge power module with some integration of gate drive components. The technology, called Metal-Post-Interconnect-Parallel-Plate-Structure (MPIPPS) and shown in the figure below, uses the direct-bonding of copper posts rather than the wire-bonding of fine aluminum wires for interconnecting power devices.

The new technology offers several potential advantages:

  • The ability to conduct large current with negligible parasitic inductance and capacitance because of the short and thick metal posts that are used for the interconnections in the module;

  • Better thermal management due to the additional thermal paths offered by the posts and the option of dynamic cooling with the use of a dielectric fluid flowing directly through the devices in between the plates;

  • Ease of integration of the passive components because multiple plates can be readily stacked on top of one another through metal posts;

  • Better reliability due to low thermal stresses with the use of identical plates for the circuit planes.

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