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Embedded Power technology for fabricating modules integrating switching devices, sensors, gate drivers, and passives for motor drive

Year: 2000
CPES has successfully implemented Embedded Power to succeed the previously used Flip-Chip-on-Flex technology to develop an active IPEM for motor drive application. Several CPES technology advances are being incorporated into the active SC-IPEM design. Embedded power technology has been adopted to eliminate all wire bonds in favor of a planar interconnection scheme that minimizes dangerous voltage transients caused by undesired parasitic inductances. In addition, the flat upper surface is valuable for mounting gate drives, sensors, and cooling components to extract extra heat from the top side of the module. Such advances contribute to reducing the module size while increasing its long-term robustness. This technology also provides valuable opportunities for combining active gate drive including adjustable dv/dt control and self-boost charge pump for the high-side gate drive power supply, and isolated GMR sensors for combined current and thermal sensing. These features will result in higher power module robustness and reliability that are key attributes desired by both the manufacturers and users of these modules.

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