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Impact to Telecommunication Industries

Year: 2002
The two-stage approach, after our successful demonstration of significant performance benefit and size reduction for Itanium processor, was adopted quickly in the telecommunication and networking industries to replace the so-called "break power modules." The traditional break product, DC/DC break or DC/DC converter breaks, is an area very competitive in technology and many intellectual properties are generated in this particular area. This product was quickly converted into a two-stage solution. The first stage being an unregulated bus converter that converted 48V to 12V, and the second stage was 12V to a low voltage conversion that would be using exactly the multi-phase VR approach, which is now standard practice. The bus converter is a relatively simple structure and, therefore, it is quite easy to implement. It is quite surprising to find out how quickly industry adopted this technology and demonstrated there is a 25% cost saving in addition to the simplicity in the design and significant reduction in the complexity and the manufacturing process.

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