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Digital Generator Control Unit (GCU)

Year: 2003
Digital control has permeated virtually all possible applications across the power electronics spectrum due to its inherent advantages, namely immunity to component variation, capability to perform advanced and adaptive control algorithms, communications capability for monitoring and diagnosis, self-tuning and calibration at commissioning, and faster IC design using HDL synthesis. A relatively new field for digital controls has been its incorporation in the design and development of next and future generation commercial and military aircrafts, which are increasingly incorporating power electronics systems to reduce the weight and maintenance and increase reliability of aircraft secondary power systems -- formerly mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulical systems. CPES has actively participated in this transition from analog to digital controls in the aviation industry developing a digital GCU under THALES Avionics Electrical Systems sponsorships for high-speed aircraft generators. This leap in technology is significant if the criticality of the generator in the ever increasing electrical power systems of aircraft is considered, but the results obtained by CPES have proven the validity of all assumed advantages of incorporating digital controls for this specific application. It is expected that all new GCU will employ digital controls in the future.

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