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Yearly Annual Reports

CPES research outcomes are presented at the CPES Annual Conference and consolidated into an Annual Report. The CPES Annual Report includes research projects, nuggets, alumni, honors & achievements and publications conducted over the prior year.

For years prior to 2022 view our PDF Annual Reports.

2022 CPES Annual Report

National Academy of Engineering Members
  • Dushan Boroyevich
  • Fred C. Lee

Election to National Academy of Engineering membership is one of the highest professional honors accorded an engineer.

IEEE Fellows
  • Dushan Boroyevich
  • Guo-Quan Lu
  • Richard Zhang
  • Fred C. Lee
  • Khai Ngo

IEEE Fellow is a distinction reserved for select members who have demonstrated extraordinary accomplishments in their field.

2022 Annual Report Collections

Innovation has always been at the core of the Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES). Professor Fred. C. Lee began the program at Virginia Tech more than 40 years ago with the mission to provide leadership through global collaborative research and education in creating advanced electric power processing systems of the highest value to society. Dr. Lee’s vision and hard work, combined with tireless efforts from faculty, students, and staff, has resulted in an academic research center that is among the largest and most renowned in the world.

Over the past years, the Center was fortunate enough to continue building on its success under the leadership of Professor Dushan Boroyevich, who is not just a CPES alumnus, but who helped shape and co-direct the Center since the early 1990s. Under his guidance, CPES continued to expand delving into new frontiers driven by societal needs that call for increasingly more efficient power and energy processing technologies.

And so CPES stands today, growing and propelling its current iteration into the future, fully dedicated to our efforts to continue improving the electrical power processing technology that affects an ever larger and diverse number of systems that span a broad range of power levels and myriad applications from consumer electronics
to electrified transportation, from industrial applications to renewable energy integration, from powering the telecommunications industry to the development of future electronic
energy processing distribution and transmission grids. In all, CPES remains steadfastly committed to innovation from watts to megawatts!

This book aims to be a comprehensive record of the Center’s accomplishments during the year 2021. In addition to copious research project summaries and results (see Sponsored Research and Research Nuggets), one can learn more about the world-class Facilities and People necessary for these achievements. Research outputs, like Intellectual Property and Publications, are detailed as well.

The most visible change was in Center leadership. Rolando Burgos, professor, who originally joined CPES in 2002, assumed the role of Director from Dushan Boroyevich in July 2021. Under his leadership, the Center continues along its innermost tradition of training the best students in the field and researching the cutting-edge power electronics solutions that our members and sponsors expect.

Furthermore, Richard Zhang, CPES alumnus, returned as the Hugh P. and Ethel C. Kelly Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, bringing with him more than 20 years of technology and business leadership at GE. His technical experience includes research and development of the most advanced high-voltage DC transmission (HVDC) solution in the industry, including power electronics and revolutionary control platform, enabling bulk power transmission beyond 2 gigawatts for applications such as offshore wind parks.

As we reflect back on 2021, we offer our sincere gratitude to our members, sponsors, and colleagues from around the world. We look forward to another year of fruitful partnership where we can push the boundaries of power electronics together!
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Dr. Yuhao Zhang receives NSF CAREER Award!

Nitride FinFET on Silicon for Medium-Voltage Monolithically Integrated Power Electronics

February 24, 2021
Change in CPES Leadership

On July 1st, CPES will welcome Rolando Burgos as its third center director.

July 1, 2021
Richard Zhang returns to CPES

CPES is delighted to announce that Richard Zhang will return to CPES as the Hugh P. and Ethel C. Kelly Professor of ECE

August 10, 2021
TechGirls' Power Electronics Experience

Every day, for two-weeks in July, 27 young women from around the world came together virtually to learn about power electronics.

August 12, 2021


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