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An Ultra-Fast SiC Phase-Leg Module in Modified Hybrid Packaging Structure

Fig. 1. Internal structure (a) and equivalent circuit (b) of the hybrid SiC MOSFET phase-leg mod-ule with switching loops identified
This paper presents the development of an ultra-fast SiC phase-leg module built in modified hybrid structure. Because of the three-dimensional (3D) packaging technology, the hybrid structure achieves the same footprint and similar parasitics to the planar packaging, but requires no double-sided solderability on the bare dice, which is not available on current SiC devices. Compared to its previous generation, the modified hybrid structure also simplifies the fabrication significantly, and allows a much more complicated module design. A compact 1200 V, 10 A SiC MOSFET phase-leg module is designed and built in the proposed structure. Through proper layout design, ultra-low switching loop inductances can be realized, and experiments verify that the switching speed of the SiC MOSFET can be pushed to its very limit without excessive parasitic ringing.

Fig. 2. Simulated switching loop inductances vs. PCB dielectric layer thickness
Fig. 3. Hybrid module tester. (a) Gate drive circuit, and (b) tester board

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