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Yuhao Zhang awarded NSF Future Manufacturing Seed Grant

Sep 15, 2021

Yuhao and Students
CPES Assistant Professor Yuhao Zhang will lead a team utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve wide bandgap device fabrication.

The project will establish the knowledge base to integrate machine learning into adaptive semiconductor manufacturing. This new manufacturing paradigm will bring revolutionary advancements in the $500 billion semiconductor sector and lead to the formation of new industries at the intersection of artificial intelligence and semiconductors.

The objective for Zhang's team is to identify and address the relevant fundamental knowledge gaps, using the small-scale fabrication of vertical gallium nitride power diodes as a demonstration vehicle, which is an emerging WBG device for power applications in electric vehicle, power grid, and renewable energy processing.

The project has strong synergies with the WBG semiconductor manufacturing efforts in the U. S., and will be supported by two collaborators from the defense industry that are currently pursuing the WBG device manufacturing.

Collaborators on the project include researchers at San Jose State University, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory, and SemiQ, Inc.

The goal of NSF's Future Manufacturing initiative is to support fundamental research and education of a future workforce to overcome scientific, technological, educational, economic and social barriers in order to enable new manufacturing capabilities that do not exist today.

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