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High-Efficicency High-Density 6kW 400/48V Power Supply for Data Centers

Year: 2022 | Author: RIMON GADELRAB | Paper: H-S3.2
Fig. 1 (a) Circuit
  The LLC converter is considered the most efficient topology in server and telecom applications. And, it has been demonstrated that three interleaved LLC converters can achieve further efficiency improvement at several kilowatts power level. However, the magnetic components for multiphase LLC are complex, bulky, and difficult to manufacture in a cost-effective manner. In this paper, a high-frequency GaN based three-phase LLC converter is utilized to attempt to address these challenges. With GaN operating at 500 kilohertz, all magnetic components, namely three inductors and six transformers, can be integrated in one common structure while all magnetic windings are contained in a compact 4-layer PCB with 3 oz. copper. The proposed structure can be easily and cost effectively manufactured in high quantities. Furthermore, up to a 20db reduction of common-mode noise, from 150KHz up to 30MHz, can be realized if 2 additional PCB layers are employed for proposed CM noise shielding. A 6kW 400V/48V 3-phase prototype will be implemented, with an expected peak efficiency of 99% and a power density of 900W/in3 (56 kW/L).
Hardware prototye
Fig. 1 (b) Hardware prototype
Test efficiency
Fig. 1 (c) Tested Efficiency

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