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2016 CPES Conference Organizing Committee

General Chair and Co-Chair

  • Dongbin Hou, Chair
  • Niloofar Rashidi, Co-Chair

Technical Program Committee

  • Zhengyang Liu, Chair
  • Mohamed Ahmed, Co-Chair
  • Ting Ge, Co-Chair
  • Bingyao Sun, Co-Chair

Publications Committee

  • Qiong Wong, Chair
  • Yadong Lyu, Co-Chair
  • Yincan Mao, Co-Chair

Dialogue Committee

  • Syed Bari, Chair
  • Nidhi Haryani, Co-Chair
  • Alinaghi Marzoughi, Co-Chair
  • Yi (Yasmine) Yan, Co-Chair

Logistics Committee

  • Chi Li, Chair
  • Xingye Liu, Co-Chair
  • Ming Lu, Co-Chair
  • Ye Tang, Co-Chair
  • Jianghui Yu, Co-Chair

Video Nugget Committee

  • Shishuo Zhao, Chair
  • Chao Fei, Co-Chair
  • Bin Li, Co-Chair
  • Virginia Li, Co-Chair

Faculty/Staff Support Team

  • Teresa Shaw, Industry Liasion
  • David Gilham, IT and Electrical Lab Manager
  • Igor Cvetkovic, Research Engineer
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